The College came to be known as an “Evening Continuation School” and was open for classes in commercial and technical subjects on three evenings a week.

Admission to the College was by ticket, which was issued free of charge by the School Board offices or the Superintendent of the School. However, a charge of 2d. was made for each ticket to deter irresponsible applicants, the money being devoted to the prize fund.

140 students enrolled for this session. The subjects taught were:—

Arithmetic - Writing - Reading and Elocution - French - German - Life and Duties Book-keeping - Shorthand - Typewriting - Geography - History - Mensuration - Needlework - Singing - Machine Drawing - Mathematics - Physiology - Hygiene.

The College was constantly under the vigilant eye of H.M. Inspectors who visited the evening classes regularly. The Government Report for the year stated that:”Sound and useful instruction was imparted in all classes and the general organisation of the school merits special recommendation.”