Maid Marian Way


Maid Marian Way was developed from the late 1950s. Prior to this, no thoroughfare existed here. Post-War increases in traffic and enthusiasm for 'modern' city planning led to the redevelopment of the area between the bottom of Derby Road and Broadmarsh.

Castle Road


Looking south from junction with Hounds Gate and showing Mortimer House (now The Castle public house.) Mortimer House was designed by Nottingham's renowned architect Watson Fothergill. The row of shops and offices, was built in 1883 for Mr. Tate.

Brewhouse Yard


1974 - The Trip to Jerusalem and corner of People's College as seen from the gateway between Castle Works inner yard and the proposed public area.

Walnut Tree Lane


From Castle Road looking east towards Walnut Tree Lane , with Peoples College to the right. At the bottom is St Nicholas' Church

Collin Street


The Broadmarsh Centre was built upon streets which had been cleared of slum yards and housing. Foundations were begun in the late 1960's. Streets such as Drury Hill, which had contained timber framed buildings, disappeared and caves which ran underneath were obscured. The result was a popular shopping centre, but with the rather soul-less facade which can be seen here in the early 1970's.

College Street


The college opened in 1847 on College Street. The Ropewalk site was enlarged in 1880 and in 1991the college merged with Forest Fields Sixth Form College. This view, of the rear of the annexe, was taken from the car park of Scottish Amicable Insurance Company.